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If you book a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, you usually want to declare the surroundings of Sharm el Sheikh Egypt and get cheap trips. Who wants to know from his Sharm el Sheikh holiday ever, what excursions are offered on site, has the opportunity to Sharm el Sheikh travel cheap Sharm el Sheikh excursions to participate and help with the help of the tour guide. Whether private or in small groups, whether “beginner” or “professional” does not matter! We will go on an unforgettable voyage of discovery with you and help you discover the fascination and beauty of our country. On the following pages we present our basic programs for various excursions and day trips to Cairo, Luxor, Petra, Jordan, Moses Mountain, Colored Canyon in Nuweiba, Tiran Island, Ras Mohamed, Jerusalem, Israel and Alexandria. Here you have the opportunity for diving, snorkeling, quad biking and camel riding in the desert. You are welcome to redesign all trips to your own wishes, or supplement the program points. In the